Sunday, October 21, 2012

2 little pumpkins

Today Phil and I went to a pumpkin patch and picked out 2 little pumpkins for our front porch. We're in the 24th week now and things are going great! I had a Dr. appointment a couple days ago and found out that Baby A is weighing in at about 1lb 6oz. and Baby B is 1lb 8oz. They're both about 12 inches tall. (I guess that sounds like they take after me. Haha) The Dr. showed me a curve chart that shows growth throughout pregnancies and both babies fall right on the mark of average. We couldn't ask for anything better than that! During the ultra sound I saw Baby B open his mouth to practice swallowing and I got a quick glimpse of his face before he moved. I saw his little nostrils! Haha! Baby A was more difficult to see because his head was shoved into my pelvis at the time, so mostly I just saw his little kicking feet. Right now both babies have enough room to fully twist and turn themselves around but soon their quarters will become much more cramped. When that happens, they'll start shoving each other to try to make more room for themselves. Phil has spent the rest of this weekend working on the nursery. Yesterday he painted and right now he is putting together some furniture. Fun fun! Pictures to come soon!

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