Friday, September 28, 2012

21 weeks!

The Twyndas are 21 today!  Time to celebrate LEGALLY :)

ps... I'm kidding obviously.  They won't be allowed to drink until they're 30 years old. :)

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

A cute profile

I love this photo of Baby B! Isn't it cute?! This is from my 20 week appointment. Baby A was being a little camera shy and we weren't able to get a good still image. Usually it depends on where the babies are located and how much they are moving around at the time. After a thorough set of examinations, we found out that both babies are growing at the same rate which is really important for twins. My Dr. told me that things could not look better! They are measuring at 11 oz and 12 oz. and are about 10 inches long.

20 weeks

Here I am at 20 weeks and feeling happy. Overall, I feel pretty great but I tire easily and need to take breaks often - even breaks from sitting. If I do anything for too long (usually over an hour or two) I feel some pain in my back and need to rest.

The babies are proving themselves to be little kick boxers in training. At my last Dr. appointment I asked about a spot that was feeling sore. It felt like I had pulled a muscle in the upper right part of my abdomen. My Dr. said, "I want to show you something". He put the ultra sound tool right on the sore spot and said, "What do you see?" I replied, "Four legs" He said, "Exactly. All four feet are kicking you in the same spot and have created a bruise on the inside" I was happy to hear it wasn't anything serious, but I quickly realized how intense this kicking is going to get over time! Have any of you seen Twilight Breaking Dawn where Bella gets beat up from the inside by her super human strength baby vampire fetus? I imagined that and Phil pretty much fell over laughing. Phil has been able to feel the kicking too and he loves it! The first time he felt a kick he was speechless!

Saturday, September 8, 2012

18 weeks & kicking

Here is a photo of me at 18 weeks! This week I am feeling a lot of light baby kicks here and there - mostly, right after I eat. I imagine the babies are communicating with me, "Thanks for that yummy food, Mom!!" A lot of people told me the movement would feel like "butterflies" but Joan M. described it exactly how I feel it - "like someone is flicking me with their finger from the inside". Sometimes it surprises me but most of the time it's subtle enough to be a really pleasant reminder that the babies are doing well. I am pretty sure I feel Baby A moving more than Baby B, but that's probably due to where they are located. I'm feeling pretty great overall. I had an acupuncture appointment yesterday. I've been going to acupuncture regularly since April. Susan my acupuncturist has helped get my body ready for the embryo transfer process, the pregnancy, and she has also worked wonders to help me feel my best during this process.  I always leave her practice feeling very refreshed and ready to tackle the next set of adjustments coming my way.

Monday, September 3, 2012

What else is in the tummy?

Phil has been dying for me to have some serious cravings but I haven't had anything too crazy yet. Since we haven't updated in a little while, I thought I would share an image of some of the babies' favorite foods.
P.S. Hi Francesca!