Monday, December 31, 2012

34 weeks

I ended up having an interesting weekend. I had just made it to the 34 week mark and had a Dr. appointment that morning. One of my doctors - a perinatologist who specializes in high risk pregnancies and multiples suspected that I was in the beginning stages of pre-term labor. (I've been experiencing some contractions and he was concerned about the frequency of them). So we got in the car and headed to my other Dr. - my OB who will be delivering the babies. After seeing her, we went to the hospital for some monitoring and received some medicine to keep these boys baking a little while longer. It didn't feel like much of a scare because as we knew, twins do arrive on the early side a lot of the time and everyone seemed confident that things were under control. Fortunately, my Dr. was being extra cautious and upon being checked out further, it looks like we can make it another few weeks with the help of some medicine. Yay! The more time the babies can spend with me, the better off they will be once they do decide to arrive. Here is a 34 week belly bump photo and a picture of the boys being monitored while we were at the hospital. That monitor showed us both heart rates - which were excellent! Pretty neat stuff!

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